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We offer Fitness Pilates classes at your office at lunch times, after work or when ever suits. Doing Fitness Pilates at your office can be very beneficial to help improve energy levels, stress, back problems and core strength. Stretching and moving while sitting all day is so important for your health. We provide up to 12 mats but we can do classes for more as long as more mats are provided. 


45 minute

£45 for 1 off class

£160 for 4 classes

60 minute

£55 for 1 off class

£190 for 4 classes

Onsite Massage

Massage is not just a luxury. Massage is a very important part to keeping well. If you suffer with ongoing tensions around your neck and back you will benefit from regular massages. Long days at the office on front of a computer can be damaging to your body. Help yourself work more efficient and without pain by doing regular corporate massages. We use an onsite massage chair which means you don't need to change your clothes or get oily, you can have the massage anywhere in your office, even at your desk or you can choose a private side room to get some quiet time.

Packages available

(or contact to tailor make your package)


£85 for 2 hours

8 x 10/15 minutes


5 x 20 minutes

£120 for 3 hours

12 x 10/15 minutes


7 x 20 minutes

£152 for 4 hours

16 x 10/15 minutes


10 x 20 minutes

Please be aware an extra fee maybe added for travel time and parking. Please get in touch for details on this.


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