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60 minute massage voucher

You will receive a 60 minute massage voucher which can be emailed to your loved one or you can print it out to hand it to them.


You can choose to have a full body massage or concentrate fully on a few specific achy areas or a niggling injury.

We will discuss what areas need more focus or we can just de-stress and feel less tense while I work through the body, starting the massage at your head and face using peppermint essential oil with breathing techniques will help you feel instantly calmer and more relaxed. Using tension relieving techniques at your preferred pressure to the neck, shoulder and back (or full body) will be sure to get you feeling lighter.


60 minute massage voucher

  • You will receive an order number after purchase. Please give this number along with the gift voucher to the person that is receiving this gift. They will need this number to book their massage. 

    Thank you

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