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My Story

I am a fitness Pilates instructor and deep tissue massage therapist that can help you get strong, release tension and naturally move more.


I have been working in the fitness industry since 2007, gaining lots of qualifications and experience in these early years. This is when I fell in love with Pilates. Growing up my sports of choice were rugby and hockey. As you can imagine, I was pretty inflexible so Pilates was an eye opener and offered me a different perspective on how my body could gain strength.


I launched Habitual Fitness in 2009 which led to opening my own studio in Chorlton (Manchester) in 2012. My studio is called the Chorlton Health Hub where we have a selection of small wellbeing businesses creating a collaboration of instructors and 1-1 practitioners.

As well as running the Chorlton Health Hub my focus is on Habitual Fitness where I get to teach Pilates and offer massage therapy. I love seeing results that both my services offer. Hearing people's experiences from someone's first class to my long standing clients teaches me how to provide personal classes that can suit many abilities. I take this approach in my massage therapy also, tailoring my massages to completely suit my clients' needs.

I get such joy from providing a personal service that really impacts people's lives from helping to reduce aches and pains to improving fitness levels.

Have a look at my services to see how I can help you or contact me for more information.

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5 Things I love about Pilates..

The distraction.. focusing on the movements and the breath allows you to switch off from everything else.

The release.. the stretch if you are feeling stiff or tight feels soooo good.

The strength.. You can concentrate on certain muscle groups to really improve muscle tone.

The breathing.. breath work helps you feel more connected to your body and really helps you relax.

The teaching.. I love showing others how Pilates can benefit their needs and educate them on how their body can move.

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