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Improve your Neck Posture

  • 31Days


I know how tough it is to suffer with neck pain and stiffness. This was one of the reasons I got into Pilates, I was studying and always had neck tension and Pilates gave me a long lasting relief. However, I still on occasion struggle with my neck, I blame a heavy wee boy just now, oh and more time spent at my computer! This months challenge will create a daily routine to relieve neck stiffness. You will get 3 exercises to do every day so the challenge is to stick to it! These exercises are simple and easy to remember so it is possible. I am also going to get you to do at least 1 hour long Pilates session each week, you can do this via the prerecorded sessions on the Core Membership or via my live Zoom classes. Let's get these necks sorted! For Core Members only. Become a Core Member with 7 days free.

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