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Allow yourself to naturally move more. Becoming a Core Member will give you the tools to create healthy habits.

Create a Pilates routine that fits in around your schedule by having access to Pilates classes where ever you are, giving you more flexibility and regularity each week.


As a Core Member you will enjoy:

  • Round the clock access to great quality Fitness and 'Hot' style Pilates classes

  • more targeted mini Pilates sessions for when you don't have much time

  • a monthly challenge where you can push yourself to do something different

  • monthly tips on how to have more 'you' time and live healthier

  • discounts on our weekly live on Zoom Fitness and 'Hot' style Pilates classes

Pre-recorded classes for you anytime


Little added extras that are included each month..

Get weekly live Zoom classes for only £1.50 using your Core Members discount code

Pilates Anytime

A video picked for you each month 

Pilates for busy people

A 'you' time moment ranging from a recommended podcast to a unique relaxation recording

Ways to relax

Monthly food and mood tips to stay healthy in mind and body.

Pilates for strength online. Quick PIlates videos.

Monthly challenges to keep you motivated

These challenges are designed to give you an opportunity to experience something new. They will focus on the habitual act of leading a healthy lifestyle. So you might find yourself keeping elements of each challenge in your weekly routine as it becomes your new normal. Join the Core Members private Facebook group to interact with other core members, this might give you that little push to get you going or maybe to keep you and others motivated.

Become a Core Member

Get started with our 7 day free trial and cancel at any time, no questions asked.

First payment will start on the last day of your free trial if not cancelled before.

Core Membership Price is only £15 per month

Company Membership Available
 For larger companies please contact for price.

Company Membership 

Up to 100 employees

£120 per month

Minimum 3 month subscription.

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