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Corporate Health Services

Employees who are well, and who are truly valued, are much more likely to be happy and contribute meaningfully at work.

Your investment options

Work place Pilates in Manchester
Manchester based Pilates for offices
Back pain relief for office workers based in Manchester
Onsite massage in Manchester. Massage for Manchester based offices.
Fun at Yoga

6 week programme 

to relieve back and neck pain

It is so important to have wellbeing support in place for your valuable employees and co-workers to not only help with rising cases of depression but to help with physical aches and discomforts.

Reaping the benefits from simple actions..

Offering a comprehensive wellbeing package will:-

  • Show your employees you care

  • Help employees to manage their mental and physical health

  • Help you attract and retain top talent

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity

  • Boost staff morale

  • Help you foster a positive workplace culture

Pilates in particular is essential for:-

  • Releasing shoulder, neck and back tension

  • Building core strength

  • Correcting posture

  • Providing time for mental rest and recuperation

Corporate Pilates. Office Pilates in Manchester

Company Membership

Give your employees the freedom to move by having round the clock access to Pilates

Habitual Fitness has created a company membership which allows individuals to move more regularly with fun and great quality Pilates classes. Pilates stretches and strengthens muscles with a focus on core stability which is extremely beneficial for those who suffer with back and neck pain. Doing regular instructor led classes allows you to switch off from long hours or tricky work tasks giving a different focus for the mind and in turn improving mental health, stress and depression.

Investing in a Company Membership will give each of your employees a unique login to access the following benefits:

  • A selection of hour-long, pre-recorded Pilates classes (which include options for beginners and those who are used to exercising);

  • Shorter pre-recorded Pilates workouts, which range from half an hour sessions to 10 minute workouts perfect for those with busy schedules;

  • Monthly challenges, brilliant for those with a competitive streak or for those needing a bit of extra motivation;

  • Monthly Food and Mood tips which can vary from recipes to articles relating on health;

  • A monthly 'You time' moment to help encourage time to relax and de-stress;

  • Me! I am always available if you need any tips or advice on how to improve your strength, posture and flexibility.

Company Membership Price
 For larger companies please contact for price.

Company Membership 

Up to 100 employees

£120 per month

Minimum 3 month subscription.

Company Membership



45 minute sessions

£50 for 1 off class

£180 for 4 classes


60 minute sessions

£60 for 1 off class

£200 for 4 classes

An extra fee for traveling may be added for in-house classes

Private Pilates Classes

You can purchase group Pilates classes as a one off or on a weekly basis and we can tailor each session to your Company’s needs.
Not only are our live Zoom classes ideal if you have staff working at home or in different locations, they are also a great way of building team spirit, improving energy levels, ensuring staff are moving and stretching and boosting morale!
Once the lockdown has lifted, we will also be offering in-house, in-person(!) classes in the Manchester area.

Contact Kirsty to book.

Private Pilates
Onsite Massage

On-site Massage

Massage is not just a luxury. Massage is a very important part to keeping well. Whether your employees are sat in front of computers, driving long hours, or carrying out repetitive work, chances are they have tension around their neck and back. Short, regular massages can make a huge difference and can compliment regular exercise and stretching. That is why I am offering corporate clients on-site chair massages. You can tailor make you massages by giving 10 minutes or 25 minutes per person – see pricing options. We use an on-site massage chair which means you don't need to change your clothes or get oily, you can have the massage anywhere in your office, even at your desk or you can choose a private side room to get some quiet time.

Contact Kirsty to book.


1 - 3 hours  £60 p/h

3+ hours  £50 p/h

If you need any further information or have any questions it would be lovely to hear from you.

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