Tailor Made Massages

Back Massage

Tension or Injury

Working on areas of tension or injury can improve your overall health. Using deep tissue massage techniques can really help these issues.

Acupressure Neck Massage

Neck & Shoulder

A lot of people suffer from neck and shoulder tension when they really shouldn't. Focusing on releasing and stretching these muscles can give you such relief.

Head Massage


If you are stressed your whole body will know about it. Walking around with added pressure from achy muscles won't help. Have some time out to relax.

Don't walk around in pain! A regular massage tailor-made to you can really get to the root of the problem. 

£29 for 40 minute massage

£40 for 60 minute massage

£52 for 90 minute massage


Massage Packages

£75 for 3 x 40 minute massages

£108 for 3 x 60 minute massages

£144 for 3 x 90 minute massages

Tension or Injury

If you are feeling generally tense and achy around the body and can pinpoint a few problem areas then a 90 minute massage will give you a full body treatment with a special focus on those specific areas of tightness.

If however you need a few specific achy areas seen to then you may need an hour to just focus solely on these tension points.

Alternatively if you have a specific problem or injury then a 40 minute massage focusing on this area will be recommended.

Swedish Massage

Neck & Shoulders

Neck and shoulder tension can cause a lot of pain and discomfort which can interrupt your sleep or day to day tasks. These tensions can be caused by postural issues, by long periods of standing or sitting at your desk, by picking up heavy equipment or kids! Deep tissue massage techniques and stretches can make a real difference. I would recommend the 3 x 40 minute package for neck and shoulder pain to spread out weekly over 3 weeks. This will reach deeper under the surface and offer longer relief. A one off massage of course will also provide many benefits but maybe for not as long.


If you need a bit of 'you' time what better than a great massage? Starting the massage at your head and face using peppermint essential oil with breathing techniques will help you feel instantly calmer and more relaxed. Using tension relieving techniques at your preferred pressure to the neck, shoulder and back (or full body if you are going all out) will be sure to get you feeling lighter. The length of massage is up to you but I would recommend 40 minutes for back, neck and shoulders or an hour for full body.

Pressure Point Massage
Head Massage

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