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Pilates Gift Box

 I hope you love your little box of Pilates and self-care products. Here you will find out how to maximize the use of these gifts so you can feel amazing! 

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I have listed your products below to let you know what I use them for so you can get an idea of how to create new little healthy habits to make you feel amazing.

Self massage! Yes, you can use Tennis balls to release tension. If you haven't tried this before the only way you are going to appreciate it is if you try it. When you sign into your Core Membership you will see a channel on your Pilates videos page called Myofascial Release to guide you through.


I love a nice mug to drink from. I drink my Pukka night time tea out of my very own Warm Up mug most nights. I find that having a little evening ritual helps me sleep better. Also, this tea is brilliant to reduce bloating and helps with hydration so win win. 


This is a mini roller which has Neals Yard peppermint essential oil mixed with cosmetic grade almond oil. I use this product all the time. I use this on my temples most nights before I go to bed, I find this really opens my airways as I sleep. I also use this on my massage clients to massage their face and neck as peppermint oil can help soothe tension headaches and migraines by improving circulation and releasing muscle tension. 
So simply roll the oil on your forehead, the side of your head in alignment of the eyes and behind the ears. Please keep away from eyes and if you have sensitive eyes do this when you are lying down and close your eyes. Do some nice deep breaths and relax.
(please consult a doctor before using this if you have a nut allergy)


We have 3 layers of Westlab bath salts which can be benificial in so many ways so run a bath and enjoy.
The first layer is reviving Epsom salt which helps relax tired, aching muscles.
The second layer is cleansing Himalayan bath salt for radiant looking skin.
The third layer is soothing Dead Sea bath salt which nourishes dry and irritated skin.
Empty the whole jar of bath salts into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes.
Or another suggestion would be to have a foot bath: empty the whole jar into 5 litres of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.  



Enjoy your Votive Glass Candle while in the bath or get in the zone and light it while doing one of your Pilates recording in the Core Membership. This little relaxing candle lasts up to 9 hours so that is lots of baths and Pilates classes to enjoy!
Remember to use candles responsibly. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candle out of reach of children and pets. Do not place anywhere on or near that can catch fire. Candle container may become hot during use, avoid touching or moving it once lit. Ensure candle remains upright on a secure heat resistant surface. Extinguish a candle if it smokes, flickers repeatedly or flame becomes too high. Always snuff out the flame. Never use if there is damage to the container. Do not allow the candle to burn down completely.

I wanted to give you some samples of these fantastic products from Neal's Yard. My favourite is the Frankincense intense Cleansing Melt. I use this a few times a week. I do a facial massage on myself with this product when I'm in the bath and the other time is my favourite, I do the facial massage while sitting in the steam room at my gym. Best moment of the week! Try to find a moment to chill and enjoy!
The Sensitive Soothing Serum can be used for anything, its lovely on lips and dry skin. I am not a fan of moisturisers by the Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture makes my skin feel lovely and smooth without feeling clogged up. Give them a go. 
If you wanted to buy any of these products click here: 


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