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Nov 15, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021

Back Health Week

  • 7Days


Who suffers with general back stiffness or has episodes of pain? This week is to focus on strengthening and releasing our backs. We are going to do a combination on stretches, strength and Myofascial release sessions throughout the week. Last month I suffered with sciatic pain and I used this combination to get back to strength (although it was pretty bad so I had to take it down to the basics and did many of the easier options so please do the same if you are struggling or ask me for advice). We want to use this week to get to the root of the issue so we are starting with stretches to open up and release the muscles, then we will be doing even deeper releases by using our tennis balls to do a massage on ourselves with Myofascial release techniques and then working through our muscles to strengthen and secure the back.

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