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Pilates in Chorlton

Pilates Classes

Pilates helps to reduce back pain, correct posture, gain flexibility and strengthen and tone the full body. Weekly classes in-studio and online.

Pilates for strength

Pilates Weekend

A wholesome weekend filled with Hot Pilates. From Fri eve wind down Pilates to high energy Hot Pilates this weekend will make you feel amazing!

Online Pilates Anytime

Core Membership

Do Pilates anytime and anywhere with a gallery of classes to choose from giving you the flexibility to move more and be in control.

Core Membership

£15 per month

Create a Pilates routine that fits in around your schedule by having access to Pilates classes where ever you are, giving you more flexibility and regularity each week.


As a Core Member you will enjoy:

  • Round the clock access to great quality Fitness and 'Hot' style Pilates classes

  • mini Pilates sessions for when you don't have much time

  • new video footage each month

  • free access to any of my monthly online Pilates weekends

  • a monthly challenge where you can push yourself with support and motivation from others

  • Core Members private Facebook group to stay motivated

  • discounts on our weekly live on Zoom Fitness and 'Hot' style Pilates classes

Pilates Anytime
Pilates online. Pilates at home.
Pilates Weekend

Hot Pilates Weekend

Dates announced soon

Have a lovely mindful and wholesome weekend with me..
You are going to feel energised, relaxed but also really worked, very sweaty and generally amazing.

Give yourself a bit of time out for you! 

Classes are on in the Chorlton Health Hub:
Friday 9th Dec 8pm-8.45pm - Wind down Pilates in a heated studio.
Saturday 10th Dec 9.30am-10.30am Hot Pilates session.
Sunday 9.30am-11.00am Hot Pilates with more core; finishing off with half an hour of Myofascial release using tennis balls (10.30am-11.00am).


Fitness Pilates

Tuesday's 8.00pm
Studio Based £8.00 / 4 for £26.00
Live on Zoom

In each session I work through the body using strength exercises, Pilates sequences and stretches to release tensions all using the principles of Pilates. I give easier and harder options through each exercise and describe everything as we go, so beginners are more than welcome. However be prepared to work your body. This fast flow style Pilates class leaves you feeling worked but also relaxed so this is perfect, not just to strengthen and tone but also to switch off and de-stress.


Hot Pilates

Saturday's 9.30am
Studio Based £10.00 / 4 for £34.00
Live on Zoom

Hot Pilates classes are performed in a heated studio using infrared heaters (Online don't have the benefit's of the heat but we still get the body moving to work up a sweat). In each session I work through 5 sections: Warm up, Balance, Strength, Core and Relaxation. You will definitely feel like you have exercised but as with all my classes, beginners are very welcome. I describe each exercise as we go and give easier options when needed. This class provides a great workout even without the heat.

Online Pilates

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