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6 week programme 

to relieve back and neck pain

It is so important to have wellbeing support in place for your valuable employees and co-workers to not only help with rising cases of depression but to help with physical aches and discomforts.

This 6 week programme is designed to help combat physical stresses and tensions we put on our body from simply working and doing day to day activities.

Living with pain or general tension not only has a profound impact on our health but affects our performance and success at work. Often physical discomfort can take over our ability to focus, affecting emotional and mental health.

However, developing regular habits and learning new techniques that will improve these physical discomforts can give you the tools to massively reduce, if not eliminate pain, and can improve resilience, emotional regulation and ability to focus.

Through guided stretches, Pilates strength exercises, myofascial release (self massage using tennis balls), on-site chair massage and at-home practice, this course aims to reduce physical pain and form positive habits in everyone. Participants can go on to doing these techniques long after the course is over to keep on top of these general physical tensions. 

This programme can be delivered to a minimum of 6 people and maximum of 17 people (same people must be booked in for the duration of the programme to get maximum benefits). Tailor made programmes can be created for larger companies.

All sessions and massages are delivered by me

The programme is delivered over 6 weeks and includes:

6 x 1 hour sessions face to face or online. See structure below.

3 x on-site massage days which are tailor made to your workplace. Duration can range from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on length per massage and number of participants (max 17 people in 6 hours)

Access to The Company Core Membership subscription for the 6 week duration and 2 months after the programme finishes. Having access to the Core Membership gives you guided home Pilates sessions to keep these new positive habits in place.

Ongoing discount on the Company Core Membership subscription making it half price for 12 months.

What do you get

Programme Structure

These sessions will be booked in advanced which will be arranged to suit your working day


Week 1

1 hour with me (face to face or online) which includes:

Full body stretch and release Pilates

Myofascial Release (self massage technique using tennis balls)

Tips on how to form daily habits

On-Site massage day using the massage chair:

Choose the length of massage needed from 1 - 6 hours

Week 2

1 hour with me which included:

Pilates exercises focusing on back mobility and strength

Myofascial release

Week 3

1 hour with me which includes:

Pilates exercises focusing on Core strength

Myofascial release

Discussion and questions answered for support if needed

On-site massage day using the massage chair

Week 4

1 hour with me which includes:

Pilates exercises using hip opening techniques

Myofascial release

Week 5

1 hour with me which includes:

Pilates stretched and strength exercises focusing on upper body and arms

Myofascial release

Week 6

1 hour with me which includes:

Full body fitness Pilates session

Myofascial release

On-site massage day using the massage chair

On-going support

To make sure these positive habits stay everyone will have access to my Core Membership for 2 months after the course.

How much is the 6 week programme to relieve back and neck pain? 

  Price explained...
6 people with 2 hour massage days: £540

9 people with 3 hour massage days: £675
12 people with 4 hour massage days: £810
14 people with 5 hour massage days: £945
17 people with 6 hour massage days: £1080


If you need any further information or have any questions it would be lovely to hear from you.

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