Hi I am Kirsty

I am a fitness Pilates instructor and deep tissue massage therapist that can help you get strong, release tension and naturally move more.

Let's get moving

I am so glad you have found your way here! I have worked with hundreds of different people and helped them feel healthier and happier through the power of Pilates and with my 'magic hands' (not my words but many have described my massage in this way). Suffering with tension and muscle stiffness and generally feeling run down is not a normal way to live. Far too many people do not realise that simple, easy solutions can make a significant impact on how you feel. Regular exercise being a huge part of this, using Pilates techniques teaches the body to move more naturally with many benefits from strengthening to releasing your muscles.



We offer weekly Fitness Pilates and 'Hot' Style Pilates classes in-studio and live on Zoom. Or join our Core Membership to have Pilates at anytime.




I personalise my massages to suit your needs. My deep tissue massages relieves tension, helps with injuries, tackles neck and shoulder pain or helps you de-stress.



Create a Pilates routine that fits in around your schedule by having access to Pilates classes where ever you are, giving you more flexibility and regularity each week.


Corporate Health Services

Offering a comprehensive wellbeing package will:-

  • Show your employees you care

  • Help employees to manage their mental and physical health

  • Help you attract and retain top talent

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity

  • Boost staff morale

  • Help you foster a positive workplace culture

Pilates in particular is essential for:-

  • Releasing shoulder, neck and back tension

  • Building core strength

  • Correcting posture

  • Providing time for mental rest and recuperation


About Me

I confess I am a bit of a people pleaser.. I feel in my work that is only a good thing. I love it when I see results and I want this to happen from our first encounter and for it to continue after years of working together. I have worked with many different people over my 14 years of being a Pilates instructor and massage therapist and this has made me more aware and conscious of my goals and where my passion lies. My passion is to work with those who love exercise (you might not know it yet!) or at least that feeling after. That smug, warm feeling your body tells everyone about when your face has that glow, when that movement felt so good and gave you more benefits than you know. Yes, that is my passion.. I want to give people that feeling and all the benefits that come with it.


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