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About Habitual Fitness

Habitual Fitness offers Fitness Pilates, Hot Pilates, and Massage in the new rebranded health and wellbeing studio the Chorlton Health Hub. Our high energy and fun Fitness Pilates and Hot Pilates classes run out of The Studio space within "The Hub". All our exercises are focused on giving you a well-rounded Pilates mat workout that leaves you feeling energised, worked and stretched. Our Hot Pilates classes are a great workout which is performed in up to 30 degrees using our infrared heaters, our Hot Pilates classes have 5 sections; warm up, balance, strength, core and relaxation, which leaves you feeling like you have worked everything.. be prepared to sweat.

Kirsty the owner of Habitual Fitness has 10 years experience in massage and has helped many people with long term aches. She works together with the client to tailor-make their massage to get the most out of the treatment. Contact Kirsty for more informtion and to book. 

Alongside our classes in The Hub we offer corporate sessions. Habitual Fitness has given tailor made work based classes in large corporate firms and small independent businesses, giving early morning energising classes, lunchtime sessions and stress releasing classes for after work. We now offer massage at the workplace to help prevent back pain and tensions that many office workers struggle with. Go to our Corporate page for more information.

About Kirsty

Kirsty studied Fitness, Health and Exercise at Glasgow college in 2007 and knew she had found her passion. Once she graduated she worked in a small fitness studio in Glasgow where she gained her Pilates teacher training and got lots of teaching experience. Kirsty always knew she wanted to have her own business so naturally went on to launching Habitual Fitness in her home city of Inverness in 2009. As she built her business she was gaining more qualifications and travelling to Manchester for her Sports Massage course, where she met her now husband. Kirsty then moved to Manchester in Jan 2010 moving Habitual Fitness with her (but sadly leaving her clients behind!). Habitual Fitness was then relaunched in Manchester where Kirsty built up her classes and client base.  

Kirsty went on to opening the Habitual Fitness studio is 2012 where she had a little team of instructors to help, over the years we offered Fitness Pilates, Spinning, HIIT, Personal Training, Running Groups, Pre and PostNatal groups and Massage. When Kirsty's daughter entered the world she realised juggling a busy studio and family life was demanding, working every evening became impossible so Kirsty decided to down scale and focus on her love of Pilates and Massage. Kirsty is passionate about keeping her clients fit and healthy and feels Pilates is such an important exercise for any lifestyle. She also wants to help those who carry tensions and aches with her massage therapy to help people focus on their overall health and wellbeing.


Kirsty welcomed Energy Flow Fitness into the studio in 2017 who offer a wide range of Pilates classes, including reformer Pilates for small groups. Having Energy Flow Fitness work in the studio gave a different spin on what the studio was about, giving more focus on general health through Pilates. 

In late 2018 Kirsty wanted to carry on working alongside other inspiring, likeminded businesses to create a network of health and wellbeing services so Kirsty rebranded the studio to become The Chorlton Health Hub (The Hub). While Kirsty remains very much involved in building Habitual Fitness she now runs The Hub which gives her clients trusted services within the health and fitness industry. Kirsty works alongside a Physiotherapist, Nutritionist and Counsellor creating The Hub Team and still offers a range of classes in The Studio space where we (Habitual Fitness) do our classes.


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