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It's time to move more, get strong and feel in control.

Hi, I am Kirsty

I give you Fitness Pilates that will transform your mind and body. I am here to make it easy for you to fit exercise into your busy schedule. If you need to improve your strength and release tension then I can help you to create new healthy habits.

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Pilates in Manchester
Pilates for strengthening core

Free Video

Quick fix arm workout to do anytime of the day.

Get strong, toned arms with this easy to fit in free video. You can do this when you wake up, on a lunch break, in the evening or tag it onto an existing workout. Improving the strength of your arms won't just help with definition but will help towards releasing tension through your shoulders and neck!

How I can help you

My Services

About my classes

I love it when I see results and I want this to happen from our first encounter and for it to continue after years of working together. My aim as a Pilates Instructor is to make every session count by focusing on:
Your position through each exercise, this will allow your muscles to work more efficiently and get quicker results.
Listening to your body so you move to your ability to make sure the correct muscles are working.
Feeling the 'good pain', this will build your strength, tone and sculpt your muscles.
Creating long lean muscles by stretching and releasing throughout each session, this will help prevent injury, get rid of general aches and allows you to feel more relaxed.
Helping you build your practice into a habit by giving you effective, fun, and easy access classes.

I want to give people that smug, warm feeling, when your face has a glow which shouts health and good vibes!

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